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One of the core strengths of Choose your Shoes is that we can produce a wide range of special high quality products. These products , such as slippers, rubber shoes, bathing shoes and  indoor shoes are all made to measure. You can obtain the specifications of these special products with us. These specifications are also reflected in our technical catalog "Technical Info". We can offer your clients special indoor slippers in a number of different variations. It is a product that can provide real added value to your customers in addition to the use of custom- made ​​orthopedic shoes. The slipper has the same support compared to the orthopedic shoe. However, the indoor shoe products are more comfortable because of softer materials, ideal for indoor use. Please send the order to your customer's shoes simultaneously with the order of the indoor slippers for an attractive discount on the price given to this special product. Our customized sock shoes will keep your customers feet warm and comfortable in a wheelchair. The sock shoe feels and fits as a sock but has the appearance of a pair of shoes.  

Technical Catalogue

Are your customers in need for bathing shoes while they go to the swimming pool or do they like to wear comfortable indoor slippers? It might be the perfect extra service for your custumer to provide them one of our customized special products. Please apply for our technical catalogue to see all our special products and their details.  

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Chaussures orthopédiques personnalisées Chaussures orthopédiques personnalisées

Depuis 2001, le cœur de notre métier est la confection de chaussures orthopédiques et de produits associés. Nous sommes les leaders mondiaux dans ce secteur avec des ventes dans 15 pays différents.

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Au-delà de la fabrication de produits de chaussures orthopédiques, nous proposons également plusieurs outils de premières lignes pour les professionnels des pieds. Ils offrent la possibilité d'assister les client dans leurs processus de recherche, d'enregistrement et de traitement de spécifications de produits pour la fabrication de chaussures orthopédiques (sur mesure). En fonction de vos besoins, nous pouvons également fournir des formations sur les produits sur mesure.

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