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07-11-15 | In the Netherlands

Both companies are even more convinced now to strengthen their positions concerning the developments in the current Dutch market. Choose your Shoes will be able to upgrade their customer service possibilities. For Choose your Shoes it is a great opportunity to enlarge her role as allround outsourcing partner for current and potential customers. With a Duch production facility, we can: deliver temporary orthopedic shoes; provide rework and we take care of even shorter delivery times on service and after sales. Also we can deliver your CAD/CAM lasts faster. As you might know already, our team in the Netherlands has expanded with new functions related to Marketing and Product design. Our product designer is working on the designs for semi-orthopedic shoes for the Dutch brand Vesters. These shoes will have a modern touch, are made of high-end quality material and are designed to use as semi-orthopedic footwear. Our Marketeer is resposible for online marketing such as the website and newsletters. Furthermore she is responsible for offline marketing such as our stand at exhibitions and our brochures. By connecting the production facility in the Netherlands with our other Dutch department, a steady base is formed for the worldwide logistics and knowledge centre of Choose your Shoes.

Our solutions
What do we do? What do we do?

Our core business is to produce custom made orthopedic footwear and related special products. As global market leader, we have an extensive knowledge of the market and production of orthopedic footwear. We set our goals high and deliver our products in the finest quality with short delivery times at very competitive prices.

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Product Range Product Range

Since 2016 we have expanded our products by adding 'semi'-orthopedic shoes under the brand Vesters. Vesters is a Dutch shoe brand with a long tradition in semi-orthopedic foot wear. We have modernized the traditional Vesters lasts and developed a collection for men and women up to 4 widths. Vesters, where functionality meets fashion!

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Foot scan 3D Foot scan 3D

Choose your Shoes develops several 'front-end' tools. The CYScan3D concept is developed for practitioners to measure feet with 3D scanning technology. The software package of the CYScan3D is very user friendly and especially designed for the orthopedic foot wear market.

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